Archaeological Resource Management Corporation
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Archaeological Resource Management Corporation (ARMC) was established in 1977 to provide archaeological, historical, and paleontological consultations and services to private industry and public agencies. To help meet federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, ARMC has structured its services to provide necessary data at each step of the environmental review process (Environmental Impact Studies, CEQA / NEPA compliance, NRHP eligibility, mitigation). ARMC and its personnel are qualified (SOPA / RPA) to fulfill the requirements of any lead agency.

ARMC has conducted numerous projects in the Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura County areas. The company maintains a full complement of field and laboratory equipment for both archaeology and paleontology, and has laboratory and storage space for analysis of cultural resources, historic artifacts, or fossils.

Services Provided

Archaeology / History

- Surveys
- Phase I assessments
- Excavation
- Archival research
- Records searches
- Testing for significance (National Register Eligibility)
- Salvage, or data recovery
- Mechanical excavation
- Monitoring during construction
- Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)
- CEQA / NEPA compliance (section 106)


- Phase I assessments
- Mitigation - including salvages
- Monitoring during construction
- CEQA compliance

Laboratory Analysis

- Lithics
- Vertebrates / invertebrates
- Ceramic analysis
- C-14 / Obsidian hydration
- Soils
- Botanical analysis
- Protein residue analysis
- Geomorphology

Archaeological Resource Management Corporation
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